Write To Me


Write To Me

By Grafit


A     Take a break from life’s mad pace 7

A     And clear, for me, a small place 7

A     Amidst desktop clutter. In time and space 10

B     Take an hour, two. Just sit. Think 7

B     I want a page weighty with thick black ink 10


A     Let me feel your feelings, please do not fib 10

A     Let your soul’s expression flow from your nib 10

B     Once the well runs dry, give yourself a prick 10

C     Draw upon your blood 5

C     Prepare enough before you stem the flood 10

D     Your words, my lips; I’ll taste the ferric. 9

D     Red’s the best for language esoteric 10


A     Begin again, my eternal friend 9

A     I think, perhaps, you can sustain this trend 10

B     Private words, secret cant- and shibboleths 10

C     Write! Write to me as if you have no fear 10

C     of being misunderstood. Be sincere 10

C     and your thoughts will only to me be clear 10


A     Your words are my only earthly desire 10

A     They set my imagination on fire     10

B     Write to me when there’s nothing more to say 10

C     Write me some more; there’s still room on the page 10

B     O! Please do. Then I will always stay 9

D     Delighted at your wit 6

C     You are my muse, my sage 6

D     Write to me. I need it! 6


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