Vintage Birthday

Feb14-Apr14 572
Vintage Birthday by Arec Gaa (Great American Author, 1922)


I do remember simpler times
When feelings could be shown in rhymes
Those were times when birthdays meant careless fun
For my happiness everything was done
Today it’s so much harder to relax
It feels like my train’s not on its tracks
But, now, I do recall the follies of my youth
And ask myself: how can I be this aloof?
Why only yesterday I forgot my keys
And caught a chill which made me sneeZe
I’m still as silly as I used to be
In fact, I feel as if I’m turning 3.
And it suddenly it feels so great
Some things changed, but I’m not resigned to my fate.
I’ll tell you something mister, too!
Next year, I’ll be turning two!


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