He Signs Executive Order

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 4.23.57 AM

He signs executive order

That says

We tap into everyone’s self-phone

who used the words

“Hot fire”

“My friend Molly”*



I know

What that means

You know

We all know

Millions of people are

Breaking the


And I will restore


*Unless they say sorry


Everyone feels like

They’re screwed

And so line up

To recant

To repent

To resent



Psychedelic experience(s)

And maybe tried mushrooms once

Plus those hundred joints

Dozen bongs and

A definitely baking soda affair

And complain

As a matter of fact it took too long

To deliver

I waited all night and it never arrived

The onset was slow

Then it lasted too long

And I had far too far

Too much fun


The mushrooms




much better than rum

and before you judge me

you arse

you try some