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Sasha Grafit

Fiction, Advertisements, and Ideals: The Fabric of post-Antideconstructionalizationist Era.


  • Gus Bus Cubias says:


    I got like, 5 large pizzas delivered to my parents house in Los Angeles, originally meant for you. Apparently, on the last night of college, right after graduation, someone ordered pizza to be delivered to your apartment, but since you had already left by then, no one could answer for them except me, since I had already moved out of my dorm and had nowhere to sleep except your desolate, yet still warm, bedroom. I was drunk and it was a bittersweet night. Anyway, no one answered for the pizzas, but the pizza guy spent the past five years trying to track me down, which he finally did, and appeared at my family’s doorstep, atop a donkey, with a long beard, hopelessly worn shoes, and a long dirty cloak, then handed me 5 still-warm pizzas (much like your room), then said, “Dominos always goes through…” I then asked him if he had any crushed red pepper, to which he replied no before trudging back off to Upland, CA. Anyway, your pizza’s gone.

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